Wedding Costs & Policies


All Events


6.25% Massachusetts meal tax
.75% Local Meals tax


18% Gratuity is added to all events, shared by site managers, floor captains,waitstaff, chefs, kitchen backs, dishwasher & delivery drivers.

Venue Fee:

Any catering venue fee imposed upon Cloverleaf is the responsibility of the customer who willfully selects this venue, and accepts their venue requirements .

Weddings 2015-2016

Catering Consult, Site Evaluation:

Initial bridal consult and site evaluation at no charge. Personal consults at $35/hr.

Guest Count:

Final guest count is due 21 days prior to your event. Guests over 10 years old are adults. Guests ages 5-10 years are $25 menu fee. Children under 5 are no menu fee. Should you be surprised by additional guests are your event, Cloverleaf will gladly bill you for any increase at your event.

Buffet Policy:

Our buffets provide food on a per person consumption basis, and will be plentifully restocked for extra servings. No leftover food will be packaged for the customer, per order of the Board of Health. China Provisions & Paper provisions are for use at the event only


Liability for all liquor rests with the purchaser and provider of the alcohol.

Payment Policy:

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit constitutes a binding contract. This reserves your event and is your acceptance of our costs & policies as they apply to your event. Final menu changes, guest count, floor plan and seating chart are due 21 days prior to your wedding day. Final payment is due 14 days prior to your wedding. Any addendum billing is due 7 days prior to your wedding day. A 10% billing fee will apply to all outstanding balances.


Customer will return a completed copy of the contract, and the signed costs & policies sheet. Your deposit is your acceptance of our costs & policies as they apply to your event, and constitutes a binding contract.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of your event after signing a contract will result in a $500 cancellation fee. Cancellation of your event within 60 days forfeits one half of the total balance. The full balance is due if cancellation is in less than 30 days prior. All fees are due paid in full prior to the next payment level of cancellation, or that next level of payment due applies.